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Allow MARK-AIR, INC. technicians to service your Furnace in Eastover NC

Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Say About Us: 

Cheers to Mark-Air Heating and Air Conditioning for the outstanding job of installing our new HVAC system.

Eddie West was very patient, answered all of our questions and worked up a fair price for the job. Martin and Reggie explained their goals and kept us informed of their progress daily.

They finished the job within the specified time frame, and all work was done to our satisfaction.

We recommend Mark-Air to anyone needing a heating and cooling contractor.

- Kevin Zuchelli, Fayetteville 

Tim repaired my daughter air handler last Friday. Tim and your company exceeded every reasonable expectation
I had regarding the service you provided. I manage a service related business and know yall went way beyond the
standard service to get the job done.
If you need a recommendation from a very satisfied customer, please feel free to call on me.
Thank you and please thank Tim for me.
Greg Broom

Letter of Appreciation:
I would like to bring to your attention one of your employees, Mr. Robert Carroll, an outstanding technician.
Mr. Carroll arrived at the scheduled time ready to go to work.
I was impressed with his skills in which he used to service my air conditioner. He detected a gas leak shortly after arriving
and corrected it on the spot.  He continued to do other maintenance step by step in what appeared to be a counter clock wise
manner until the complete unit had been inspected and cleaned.
I was Very impressed with his skills and Knowledge. I feel Mr. Carroll has gone far beyond the duties required by your company.
He is not only a credit to your company by going the extra mile, but also to his family and his fellow worker by setting examples
for others to follow.
Thank you.
Joe Parker

Thanks again, to everyone at Mark-Air for helping to get my unit working again.
First to Eddie for getting the process started, then to Joan and Brenda, then to John for all the work he put in.
Finally to Dave who's perseverance led him to that little wire that caused the problem. 
All of you will never know how much I appreciate what all of you did for me.
Thanks Again.
Patricia Fowler

Dave did an excellent job on our a/c repairs.  He was very courteous, prompt and an expert technician.
Thanks again.
Ralph Vitolo

Cheers to Mark-Air Heating and Cooling.
   I moved to Fayetteville six months ago and bought a house at that time. We recently had a few cool days, at which time i turned on the furnace, and after it ran for a while, I knew there was a problem.  I contacted my home warranty company, and after a service call from their service company, it was determined the wrong sized unit had been installed three years ago, and it wasn't covered. They suggested I contact the company that installed the unit, which was Mark-Air.  The employees at Mark-Air were very knowledgeable and courteous.  The unit was replaced in a timely manner at no cost to me.
Tom Veauthier, Fayetteville 

Dear Mark-Air,
  I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for the thorough and professional manner in which you and your company assisted me during the construction of my home.
Your in-depth knowledge guided me through the intracacies of installing a modern energy efficient, and fully automated HVAC system.  Installation was further complicated due to a home automation system which required close coordination between your crew and Quality Sound and Video.
Your firm's attention to detail allowed everything to be completed in a timely manner and under a budget. This helped to turn my house into a true showplace.
I would like to commend you and your crew for a job well done.  You consistently exceeded my expectations by providing a truly professional installation from start to finish.  Your professionals allowed me to build, not just a home, but my dream house.
  Please consider me a truly satisfied customer.
Terrence J. White

I would like to thank you for being so expiditious in installing a new system for my mother in law, aka "Granny". She is so tickled with the system and the professionalism of your firms employees.
Wayne Stainback

To the wonderful people at Mark-Air inc.
Thank you so much for helping me out and fixing my air conditioner for me while I was on vacation in South Dakota.
I thought I was going to have a horrible time trying to get it fixed long distance, but your company was great.
I will highly recommend you to anyone I speak with who needs help with their air conditioners.
You made my time with my family a little more relaxing by helping me out long distance.
Many thanks,
Janice Endres

Thank you!
    Tim Cifers was great. I didn't have to wait long for service. You have a good reputation for service at my work (Cape Fear Valley Hospital). Two People recommended you.
Theresa Renzie

    I wanted to take a moment to compliment you, your staff and more specifically your service technician Roscoe Smith for the professionalism exhibited during a recent service call to my personal home. While I have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the new construction division, this was my first personal experience with the service side of your company. The scheduling staff contacted me promptly, accommodated my time constraints and did a great job keeping me informed of your technicians arrival. Upon arrival, Roscoe immediately introduced himself with a smile and proceeded to review with me the scope of work he was to perform. Prior to entering my home, he put shoe covers on his work boots went methodically to work, the upstairs system first, then the lower level. He operated so efficiently and quietly that I hardly knew he was there except that despite my invitation to enter and exit as he pleased, he knocked each time he needed to reenter! Upon leaving, he explained what had been done and left me with a detailed description of the work performed. Roscoe is a true professional and a credit to your company. Please pass my gratitude on to him and your staff. Many thanks.

Vann B. Carter
President, Vann Carter Homes