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Allow MARK-AIR, INC. technicians to service your Furnace in Eastover NC

New Products


The Cure for Dirty Sock Syndrome is here!

Ever notice a musty smell when your air conditioner comes on? Then your system may have what is known as dirty sock syndrome... If it does in fact have that, then we have the ability to solve the problem without costly coil coatings or coil replacements.
The GPS-2400 technology produces natural friendly oxidizers that will eliminate contaminates and odors in your home or office. In addition to the reduction of gases and odors, it also reduces, particulates and kills mold...And can easily be installed in your air handler or furnace.

Call us today to have your system evaluated.

New line of condensing units.  Available in Heat Pump and Straight Air!
2017 Trane line

Trane ComfortLink™ NEXIA Control

Custom Supply Registers 
Your Choice in a wide variety of custom registers for your home.
These grills not only look good, they also last longer
as well as deliver conditioned air to your home better....

newest Inovations!
The Prestige HD Touch Screen Thermostat.
Available with outdoor wireless temperature / humidity
sensor and wireless remote, puts the control of your comfort
system in the palm of your hand... Call today for pricing.

16 Seer Package Unit
The quietest on the market.  Apply for the $500 dollar tax credit
with the purchase of  a 16 SEER Trane Package System.
Schedule a free estimate today.

 TrueSTEAM wireless humidifier

Dry throat in the morning? Cracking Hardwoods? Excessive static electricity?
We've got the cure. With Honeywell's TrueSTEAM technology you can control the humidity
on those dry days and increase the comfort in your home...